Thursday February 27 , 2020

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Hebron’s Heavenly Hands

Sign Language? Praise Dancing? We do it all.
Hebron’s Heavenly Hands comprises of students from grades 2 – 8. We are a small, but highly talented group of students. We practice after school and still manage to get our homework completed. We love to sign and dramatize songs and we love even more to go to different ministries and tell other of the love of Jesus Christ. Come join us as we minister God’s word!

Upper Division Choir

The upper Division Choir is made up of students from grades 3-8. Students have to maintain at least a 2.00 GPA to participate in the choir. Our choir director is the highly talented Ms. Judith Brutus. We spend our Wednesday afternoons learning songs that talk about God and give praises and glory to Him.

We minster at our local church, Hebron SDA Church, during our special days and we also take our ministry out to other churches in both the Northeastern Conference and Greater New York Conference.

Lower Division Choir

We Are Children of the King!

Seventh-day Adventists believe that their students are children of God, and their teachers, servants of God. Our schools are commissioned, therefore, to follow after the will of God, the knowledge of which is communicated by revelation. The church operates a school system that its youth may receive a balanced religious, intellectual, vocational, social and physical education in harmony with denominational standards and ideals, with God as the source of all moral value and truth.